Marcello C. Monteiro with his friend, the japanese champion, Kaminishi.
During a class at USA.
When Marcello was only 6 years old.
Travis, De La Riva, Ron, Monteiro, Felipeo and Allan after Hook-n-Shoot at Indiana
Marcello C. Monteiro with his friends in Rio de Janeiro.
With his friend Shean Why after a seminar.
Friends from USA visiting Marcello's academy at Brazil
Rodrigo Nogueira (Minotauro) visiting
Among his friends at Indiana.
Celebrating with De la Riva and Felipeo during the World Championship.
Celebrating a challenge match victory when he was a brown belt.
Marcello having a good time with Rogerio Nogueira (Minotouro)
Beating his opponent during a challenge match.
Marcello's student wins Brazilian Championship, beating the Japanese.
Marcello C. Monteiro, Rogerio Nogueira (Minotouro) and De La Riva.
Training box...
Having breakfast with his friends at Indiana.
After training at Indiana - USA.
Braulio Corral, Jeff, Tony and Joe friends from Indiana.