Women vs man in Jiu Jitsu CompetitionYou can take this one to the bank because if you are participating in our regular Indianapolis BJJ Class you will lose flab while feeling spectacular! How? Well, you will be increasing your calorie expenditure and this is what has to happen if fat is going to be zapped. By getting your heart pumping in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, you will force your body to dip into fat stores for energy and in doing so your scale numbers will drop.

indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu women self-defenseWith the rising crime rates in some areas, sales of things like tasers and pepper spray have increased. But, if they are not used correctly could actually become a weapon used against you. It is even worse when you think of guns as your self-defense. And, while it may make you feel safe to own one, do you really think that you could pull the trigger when the need arises? A lot of people may find that they cannot. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the ultimate self defense training for a number of reasons and much safer to use than a weapon that might be taken from you.

AcademyNEWOver the years, Indianapolis  BJJ Coach,  Marcello Monteiro, has recorded hundreds of wonderful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu videos.Many of these are located on his other website (BJJCOACH.COM) and many are located right on Youtube for your viewing pleasure. Below are some of the top videos from Marcello's Jiu Jitsu Youtube page. Enjoy!

indianapolis-Jiu-Jitsu-Academy-training-classAt his home   Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu academy, the BJJ Coach Marcello Monteiro refers to “training” as the period of time after warm-ups, instruction, and practice drills where participants line up against the wall and are paired off for a little friendly sparring. Often times, Professor Marcello walks around and observes during this period, keeping time and giving pointers while focusing on everyone’s safety and correct execution of techniques. Sometimes, especially during the training session of the second (or more advanced) class, Marcello will do a little training himself with higher ranked belts.


I am super excited about the potencial of all the students involved in our BJJ Association  programs... The mats are always full, the Jiu Jitsu  have been growing a lot as well and  the environment at the academy is full of energy !

Congratulations to each of you (men, women and kids)  on your accomplishments and to all of the recently promoted students at our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Indianapolis, IN !