My name is Jacob Correa.  I started my jiu-jitsu career 2 years ago under coach Marcello C. Monteiro.  When I first started I weighed 210 lbs.  After just 3 months my weight was down to 170 lbs.  I immediately felt I was doing the right thing in my life.
After getting more involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu my skill level continued to raise and I started to do competitions.  I love to compete because it gives one a great avenue to test yourself as a person and jiu-jitsu player.
Marcello C. Monteiro’s way of teaching is very clear and understandable.  The step-by-step approach to advance on an opponent is like nothing I have ever learned.  The curriculum has also been a huge help and I would suggest it to beginners as well as practitioners of many years. 
Training at this academy has been a huge help to my physical and mental life.  When I walk in to train for competitions it’s like walking in to a chilled out environment where people come to learn and always leave their egos outside.  Marcello has taught me everything I know in jiu-jitsu and I continue to learn new things as I excel in the art.  I would never want to train anywhere else.
A lot of respect to Marcello and his academy.

Jacob Correa
Blue Belt
Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu