Guilherme Assad

I've known Marcello C. Monteiro for over 25 years from De La Riva's academy. I’ve accompanied him throughout his years of development in training, and witnessed his dedication to learn. I am living proof that he was one of the first athletes to film techniques and training sessions. After practice, when everyone went to their homes to rest, Marcello would still be studying everything he had filmed and learned through his videos.

With all his dedication and hard work, he became one of the most technical players from Ricardo De La Riva’s Academy. In competitions I have always been at his side, along with Master De La Riva, because I was one of the oldest on the team; so I closely followed many of his titles.

When I moved to Bahia, Marcello always helped me with my students that would compete in Rio de Janeiro. Because of his refined Half-Guard game, I advised many of my students, such as the Nogueira brothers, to take lessons and to train with him. Just before the 1999 CBJJ MUNDIALS (now the IBJJF WORLDS),  my student Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira traveled to Nova Friburgo, in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, to enhance his Half-Guard game, and to receive a tape of Marcello's techniques recorded by Marcello at his academy.

At the tournaments, Marcello has always been at my side guiding Rodrigo “Minotauro” (Big Nog), Rogério “Minotoro” Nogueira (“Little Nog”), and all others who came from Bahia. Personally,I am very happy to see, that today, he has several champions from his team; his students are very lucky to have one of the most technical professors in the world!

In my personal life, I can say that Marcello "Monteirão" has been a Guardian Angel, and a guy who never gave up on me and my career... He is not only a great friend, but a brother that God has placed in my life. Thanks for everything my brother!

-Guilherme Assad