Big Nog

I met Marcello C. Monteiro in the early 1990s. We became very good friends through many years of training together. His technical knowledge has always been great and many people seek him to learn his guard and mainly half-guard positions.

Monteiro has already helped many current jiu-jitsu champions with their techniques. His positions are detailed and intelligent.

When I was living in the United States and at the same time beginning my career in NHB, I travelled to Brazil to fight in the jiu-jitsu world championship, and I took the opportunity to visit my friend's academy , Monteiro's academy. At that time we created and improved many half-guard positions and new fighting strategies, which I still use during my current fights.

I strongly believe he is one of the best!

Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira - Former UFC & Pride Champ.


Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu