Mario Filho

I am Mário Filho. I have been training jiu-jitsu for 9 years and I am the head-editor of the Pay-per-view fighting chanel, Premiere Combat (Brazil) and current owner of SENSEI SportTV / Rede Globo TV Channel in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

I can say with certainty that the black belt Marcello C. Monteiro is , undoubtedly, one of the fighters and instructors who most knows  jiu-jitsu positions.

Monteiro's technique is always improving. He adapts jiu-jitsu to all fighting situations. Besides being a specialist, Monteiro is always willing to teach and correct his friends. Away from the mat, as a good "leo", he is a warrior, has initiative relates wonderfully, with others, and is a dear person.

To summarize: "He is one of the most versatile jiu-jitsu players I know and an eternal friend of mine".

Mario Filho - Head Editor of Premiere Combat Channel (Brazil)


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