Marcelo Alonso

My name is Marcelo Alonso. I'm editor of Tatame Magazine, in Brazil, and correspondent of some other publications around the world like, Kanutogui Tsushin(Japan), Budo (France), Cinturon Negro (Spain) and Full Contact Fighter (U.S.A.).

I've been covering martial arts and jiu-jitsu events since 1993. In this 10 years of fight I've seen great fighters appearing. I can say for sure Marcello C. Monteiro is one of the most technical fighters formed by the legendary De La Riva.

His excellent technique helped champions like Rodrigo Nogueira (Minotauro) e Rogério Nogueira (Minotouro). Besides being a great fighter Monteiro is also an excellent teacher and well-related person. If you want to learn jiu-jitsu, he is as excellent source.

Marcelo Alonso - Editor of Tatame Magazine


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