Ari Galo
I am Ari "Galo". I am a black-belt and, at the present time, coach at the Carlson Gracie - Rio de Janeiro . I follow the teachings of Carlson Gracie, turning my students into champions. I learned jiu-jitsu with the best in the world and, nowadays, I am proud to teach what I learned in the countries I regularly visit.

I have known my friend Marcello C. Monteiro for more than 11 years. His positions have always been objective and technical. Nowadays, like me, Marcello has become one of the best and most renowned coaches throughout Brazil.

We have trained many times together and also exchanged technical knowledge. Our techniques are very similar and I am proud to see Marcello's students becoming true champions.

Ari "Galo" Fernando A . Rocha - Current coach at Carlson Gracie Rio.


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